Monkey King: Path of Treasure Slot Review 2023, Play Demo for Free

If no feature gets triggered, the base game is still interesting but once wilds, scatters or other special symbols or features show up on the reels, it gets to the whole new level. You will have to collect Random Wild symbols to trigger this feature. With the Random Wilds Feature in play, 10 free spins will be awarded. During each free spin, 3 symbols on the reels will turn into wilds. At SlotsUp, Monkey King free slot plays directly from your favorite browser!

  • You begin 10 free games with the Starting Wild feature with the Sticky Wild locked on the 3 reels.
  • Legendary Monkey King is a slot machine with a warrior monkey in the title role.
  • One of the guards will patrol the area twice, walking the length of the prison each time, and then leave to rotate shifts.
  • To leave the island by boat, simply talk to Lumdo in the landing area to go from Ape Atoll back to Crash Island, and then talk to Waydar on Crash Island to go back to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

There is a safespot in the arena, across a bridge on the outside edge. When you run to the safespot, he will make his way to the bridge, but won’t be able to fit over it, allowing you to easily attack him with Magic or Ranged while leaving up Protect from Magic. Head to the building west of the jail, making sure to sneak through the grass. You’ll see a banana garden that has a Monkey Child in it, which is being patrolled by The Monkey’s Aunt.

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After arriving, enter the shipyard north of the glider landing site and speak with G.L.O. Caranock, a gnome who is located in the building in the southern area, by the fence. He will act very suspiciously, and advise you to return to the king. He will tell you to investigate Glough’s old shipyard for any trace of the missing 10th Squad, and will give you the gnome royal seal. Bring this to Karamja (the “Gandius” option on the glider at the top of the Grand Tree will bring you nearby). If you do not have monkey bones (or a monkey corpse), kill a monkey to obtain some.

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Maximum win from the free spins is 150 EUR/USD; 200 CAD/NZD; 1500 NOK; 700 PLN; JPY. Watch out for the Monkey King Bonus symbol as this is the best symbol in King of Monkeys. Matching 5 of these symbols will award a high payout of up to 1,000 coins. Immortal Monkey King Slot might be the most impressive offer in this category.

In terms of the stacked wild symbols, they serve to bring more winning combinations on the reels by replacing all regular symbols. Whereas the scatter pays anywhere on the reels, and 3, 4, or 5 of them trigger the bonus feature, in which you can win up to 25 free spins, 4x multiplier, and 3 extra wilds during the free spins. This feature doesn’t seem difficult to get, but it still doesn’t appear very often. However, when it does, the prizes seem to pop out of the screen like firecrackers, making this feature highly desirable. Monkey King slot machine online also contains Sticky Wild symbol, Countdown Wild symbol, and Treasure chest symbol.

The aunt follows a predetermined path, which loops around the wooden house by the garden; do not enter the garden when the monkey’s aunt is present, or she will call for guards to arrest you. Note that if you’re caught, you can sometimes escape without being arrested by quickly climbing up the ladder in the building nearby before the monkeys reach you. Do not speak to The Monkey’s Uncle upstairs, as he will also call the guards. All native creatures other than the level 5 birds will be aggressive towards you, regardless of your combat level, whenever you’re not wearing the monkey greegree made later in the quest.

The easiest method to get past the bearded gorillas is to go upstairs, and then climb down the ladder on the east side to get close to the trapdoor. If you choose to walk to the ladder directly, make sure to wait until the guards walk away; players can hide in the north-east corner of the temple until there is enough room to descend. If you’re surrounded by guards and can’t move, teleport out immediately; if you’re trapped near the ladder, go up the stairs and hop worlds. Note that the ladder near the trap door can only be climbed up from the EAST side. Monkey Madness I is the fourth quest in the gnome quest series, and one of the most well-known quests in RuneScape.

For example, there’s the graphical solution for the characters, a majority of which wear similar coloring, making it difficult for a player to distinguish them clearly. Then there’s the background music, a combination of techno rhythm and Chinese folk music, which may be appeal to some, but not many. However, despite these flaws, one should not forget this slot’s qualities, which are numerous. And it is this combination of good and bad that makes it decent, not perfect, but still quite recommendable. If you get a minimum of 3 turn symbols, you can enter the additional rounds.