NetSuite ERP Software Review: Pros and Cons

netsuite erp reviews

After licensing and implementation costs, which can run well into the thousands depending on the scope of your organization’s needs, monthly subscription costs for Oracle NetSuite begin at $99 per user per month. As such, Oracle NetSuite is not suitable for small businesses on a budget, but larger businesses with the resources to implement the platform may find its wide-ranging and advanced features well worth the cost. For warehouse and fulfillment, NetSuite will help you with inbound and outbound logistics, inventory management and warehousing operations.

Is NetSuite worth it for a small business?

Oracle NetSuite Costs

As such, Oracle NetSuite is not suitable for small businesses on a budget, but larger businesses with the resources to implement the platform may find its wide-ranging and advanced features well worth the cost.

Moreover, it delivers a high-quality, high-touch experience for customers while reducing the cost of customer care to your company. Everything in NetSuite CRM+ is built around customers and orders — reports, dashboards, and customer intelligence all key off this tangible relationship with the customer, making it as easy to connect with them over the Web as in person. This order management capability also allows sales people to work a deal through the pipeline, right through to the actual close. So you can finally see booked orders in your forecast, greatly increasing its reliability, predictability and accuracy. Work orders allow manufacturers to easy manage the build process for production work orders to replenish standing inventory levels of finished goods or special order work orders built to exact specifications for a particular customer.

Pricing for ERP Software

They know that they have your data and they know that it would take alot for you to move off. NetSuite might not be the best fit for new businesses due to high implementation and maintenance fees. The software’s wide range of features can also overwhelm organizations needing the next step up in accounting and inventory solutions, like Odoo and AccountingSuite. NetSuite integrates with a wide variety of third-party software and add-ons, including payment processors, shipping providers, and productivity tools like Microsoft Office and Google Workspace.

Why is NetSuite better than others?

Oracle NetSuite can enable customers to grow with their business offering flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can deliver significant benefits with real-time insights, streamlined processes, and a 360-degree view of performance across the business.

NetSuite helps businesses design and implement financial processes with their accounting software. It provides the ability to seamlessly connect accounting functions with management systems. Managers have real-time access to their financial data, giving them the ability to create reports or address delays. Oracle NetSuite is one of the leading solutions in the industry for ERP. This multifaceted solution can expedite an organization’s financial transactions, such as accounts receivable and payable, as well as keep track of a company’s compliance obligations.

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This feature enables users to provide customers with personalized and interactive service. This, in turn, helps customers complete transactions, report issues, access support tools, update their profiles, check their order status and history, and more. This feature allows you to accelerate the order-to-cash process, eliminating manual errors. Users report improved operational efficiency and higher customer satisfaction. Reviews of NetSuite reveal that the greatest benefit of the order management feature is the unprecedented transparency for the entire organization — everyone has role-based visibility into orders along with detailed status and history. Are you planning to introduce a project management software solution to your employee?

netsuite erp reviews

NetSuite offers the same flexibility as most other platforms in the way of add-on modules, user seats, and length of contract. However, Oracle NetSuite’s platform sets itself apart by extending several options to customize their boilerplate solutions to fit your business needs. Users have praised the customizable templates that NetSuite offers in all of its ERP modules, and although doing so may require more extensive technical knowledge, users netsuite erp reviews can code their own solutions into any of the modules. In this Oracle NetSuite review, HRD will help you figure out which of Oracle NetSuite’s multitude of features, applications, and HR solutions enables your businesses to automate relevant and integral human resource processes. We will also analyze how Oracle NetSuite’s enterprise resource planning feature allows your business to navigate through the norm of the digital workplace model.

Oracle NetSuite review: What is it?

Reporting and financial control tools allow users to resolve issues, generate statements, and comply with regulatory requirements. NetSuite’s technical support is included with all NetSuite subscriptions, but multiple user reviews have indicated the limitations to the service. The included support package offers only 10 hours of customer online support, during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Premium and Advanced Customer Support packages extend that service to 24/7 support for additional fees. Users have also expressed that the support team offers highly technical solutions without always guiding customers, which makes it difficult for teams with less technical staff to resolve NetSuite ERP problems. Oracle NetSuite ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that offers various features to support a wide range of core integral business processes including, but is not limited to, human resource management.

Is NetSuite worth it for a small business?

Oracle NetSuite Costs

As such, Oracle NetSuite is not suitable for small businesses on a budget, but larger businesses with the resources to implement the platform may find its wide-ranging and advanced features well worth the cost.

While business management only increases in complexity as a company grows, many smaller businesses still find ERP software to be essential in 2023. Even local, mom-and-pop businesses still juggle a variety of business elements such as accounting, inventory management, payroll and sales. Of any type of business, small ones likely have the least bandwidth to devote to analyzing and optimizing these various elements, making them a good candidate for an ERP system. Guided Consulting projects are designed specifically for organizations that can manage their own deployments, yet still see the benefit in leveraging NetSuite’s proven implementation methodology and extensive track record.

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld Review

However, unlike most of the other software packages that we examined, NetSuite does not offer a free trial. The order-management tool helps warehouses ensure an adequate quantity of each item is always on hand without over-ordering and ending up with deadstock, or products that cannot be sold promptly. NetSuite automatically analyzes historical sales and logistics data to determine optimal reordering points for each product, replenishing stock to an optimal threshold when it runs low.

  • As an ERP platform, Oracle NetSuite offers seamless integration with all modules (accounting, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management, etc.) available on the platform.
  • There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.
  • Still, given the steep learning curve and the fact that it’s not the cheapest of platforms, make sure to check out the NetSuite demo first before you commit to the software.
  • According to NetSuite user reviews, the most beneficial thing of this module is the ability to increase product margins by managing pricing based on the types of customers, volume, currencies, and channels.
  • Its robust functionality and outstanding scalability promise long-term value as your business grows.
  • Once we had identified a “good lead” with the NetSuite system, we would frequently find ourselves now competing against the NetSuite Direct Sales team.

To succeed today, businesses need to reach beyond their walls and collaborate with partners, often extending key customer and sales data. Only then can businesses work effectively with partners to manage the pipeline, process orders, track marketing activity and forecast sales. Based on sales history and inventory reorder points, reorder levels can be dynamically calculated, based on historical sales or seasonal demand. Using NetSuite, which integrates all critical business data across departments, companies can at last have real-time order status. Using the Real-time Dashboard, employees can access instant snapshots of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as new sales orders or support cases.

NetSuite ERP customers

Order Promising & Inventory Commitment – NetSuite gives Sales real-time visibility into inventory availability when quoting and creating orders — increasing service levels with accurate order promising. Back orders are automatically committed to fulfill as purchase orders are received. Oracle NetSuite also includes a multi-location management tool, which we found useful for a warehouse that supplies several locations. Through lot tracking, bin tracking, and serial tracking, you can monitor the flow of goods across your entire business in real-time, and NetSuite automatically adjusts optimal stock levels to support demand across all your locations. To integrate NetSuite with other business software, a dedicated implementation team is available for an additional fee. The team can also develop additional integrations and project management planning.

  • NetSuite ecommerce integrates physical and online commerce and covers all selling and buying needs.
  • NetSuite’s core ERP platform includes accounting, inventory management, order management and tax management.
  • They also appreciate the easy integration with other systems which saves a lot of manual work, especially in the accounting field.
  • NetSuite CRM+‘s order management system also gives everyone in your organization access to the same, up-to-date order information.
  • At the core of any business, you’ll find people relations and management.